Fairuz’s interdisciplinary practice covers digital and analogue visual formats that have been used as music videos, animation for short films, moving visuals for stage and immersive visual installations. His methods include puppetry, 2D/3D animation and live video mixing. He presented Laksamana Doremix (National Visual Arts Gallery, Malaysia, 2013), a hybrid puppetry and multimedia performance which was a contin- uation of his earlier performance at the Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media (YCAM), Japan in 2012. His visual work for various notable theatre directors include Zahim Albakri’s Tarap Man (2007), and Loh Kok Man’s Arus Gangsa (2014) and Kwang Tung Dance Company’s Bisikan Monsoon (2018) that won best multimedia design at the 16th BOH Cameronian Arts Awards.

He was also the recipient of The Japan Foundation Asia Center Fellowship Program 2015-16, where he completed a research project on the usage of media in the per- forming arts in Japan, shadowing practitioners like Hiroshi Koike, Yoko Ando and YCAM Interlab.

In 2017, his site specific mobile projection project Warung Wayang, was selected to be part of the inaugural Kuala Lumpur Art Biennale. This project which was first pre- miered for the Digital Art & Culture (DA+C) Festival in Penang, involved an ambitious collaboration between artists from Malaysia, Philippines, Japan and Indonesia.



  1. youre really great, wanna know where are you lecturing?

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