Analogue Rigby

In collaboration with VJ Callen Tham, an analogue projector was made using wood, used furniture, magnifying lens, PVC pipes and other found materials. The projector; aptly named Analogue Rigby, was a project in reinterpreting the digital (LCD projector and video mixing software) into analogue form. The projector is also interactive as it allows users to create their own moving visuals by drawing or writing on clear plastic strips that could be inserted into the projector, similar to a film reel.

Analogue Rigby was featured in Rock Kaka; an exhibition featuring four Malaysian artists who come from different creative scenes who try to capture the free spirit of rock and explore how the values expressed through rock music, adapts to or challenges our Malaysian society.

Date : May 2009

Location : Valentine Willie Fine Art, Malaysia

Type of work : Wooden Projector

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