Project Glocal : Transi(en)t Taipei

[Commentary by project curator, Dayang Yraola]

Using Lin Giong(林強)’s song “Marching Forward”(向前走), Fairuz and Chung Ying worked on issues of moving. According to Chung Ying, this song talks about how the singer yearns to go to Taipei because he thinks it is a place where dreams can come true. It is a place of possibilities. In actuality, in Taiwan this moving from one’s province to Taipei is quite common. People move here to work or study. Some go back. Others stay.

By comparing their own experiences in moving, Fairuz and Chung-Ying, draped the question in a more personal backdrop, while hypothesizing that moving is usually motivated by the search for fertile ground where dreams have more potential to grow or flourish.

Their conversation is represented in their presentation—a conversation employing multimedia montage. While Fairuz will work on the visual narration, Chung-Ying will be working on the audio narration.

Fairuz harvested still and moving images online and other live theatre devices. Chung Ying on the other hand used her library of recorded sounds that contain environmental sounds and random interviews that she collected since 2008/9.

Articulating the same point at the same time is not really the focus of this collaboration. It is more a project presenting two opinions on the same issue. Points of coalescence are simply manifestations that despite difference in their origin and context things can be connected. Everything is somehow connected.


Project Glocal : Transi(en)t Taipei was a one month residency program that took place in Taipei which involved collaborating with local sound artist; Huang Chung-Ying. This collaboration accumulated into a new audio visual performance that was presented part of the Lacking Sound Festival 81 at the Digital Art Centre, Taipei. Other artists included Mannet Villariba, Lee Po-Ting, Duto Hardono and Chang Yung-Ta.

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