[Wayang Beber : originated from Java in the 1600s, was a form of wayang that used large scrolls of paper that was painted scenes of stories from Ramayana. The dalang would rotate these scrolls from one side to another while narrating these scenes.]

Beberscope has two parts; the projector and the installation.The projector is a combination of the praxinoscope and slide projector. The parts are made up of found objects, laser cut MDF boards and off the shelf products. For the installation, the projector is placed on a table with OHP markers and empty transparent discs for the audience to create their own 10 frame animation that will be projected onto the wall.These discs are then archived into the provided sleeves. Later audiences can then view these completed animation and leave comments or ‘Likes’ on the sleeve.

The concept for Beberscope was to look back at the old animation techniques when it was still simple to make and understand. The act of making and watching it together with friends and strangers was important for me because a lot of experiences we have now(facebook, instagram etc.) are limited to editable non-physical interactions.



Some example animation made by audiences during Media/Art Kitchen Kuala Lumpur [2013] :

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