Salam 1Jepun : A Cross Cultural Response

Salam 1 Jepun is a 2-day event about Fairuz  Sulaiman’s experience with the Japan-East Asian Network of Exchange for Students and Youths or JENESYS Programme in 2012.  Salam Satu Jepun is an expressive documentation of Fairuz’s adventures in the land of the rising sun. Talks and demonstrations will be conducted for visitors during the day on his learning experience in Japan as well as `the-making-of’ his feature show, `Laksama Do Re Mix.’

The culmination of his work is a shadow-puppet or `wayang kulit’- inspired performance intergrated with color-tracking animation. Inspired by the P.Ramlee classic film `Laksmana Do Re Mi’; this show is a mixture of Japanese and Malaysian popular culture with a blend surrealistic humour.

His distinctive style of fusing analog and digital will be seen in his techniques of narrative-puppetry, color tracking animation and digital sound effects.

the official poster.

all are welcome to visit the Salam 1Jepun booth, which resembles  a trade-fair booth.

students playing with the touch screen DJ app that remixes Malay & Japanese words like ‘nasi lemak’ and ‘sugoi ineh’.

the crowd for the night.


final battle scene between Laksamana Do Re Mix(who, in this version are samurais)  and the evil villain, Pikaboo.(step brother of Pikachoo). Take note of the reversed Shibuya background.

behind the screen: (L-R) Jack: programmer & music , Ayam: co-script writer SFX, Cham: assistant, Fairuz: dalang


after the show, the artist explains to the audience how the wayang color tracking works.

the red spot on the left wayang is being tracked with the projection of the large fist, while the green spot on the right wayang is being tracked with the projection of the purple blood.

Documentation video :

Special thanks to :

The Japan Foundation Headquarters & Japan Foundation KL
National Visual Arts Gallery, Kuala Lumpur
Yamaguchi Center for Arts & Media (YCAM)
Tan Hui Koon
Kyoko Kugai
Hasnul J. Saidon
Ayam Fared
Jack Cheong
Cham Yang Hui
Inara Inrara
Yong Hooi Khim
Ahmad Firdaus
Napi MFH

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