Seronok! – Spoken word, live music & projection performance.

“Seronok!” is a multi disciplinary performance, incorporating spoken word, music and projections. A  creative collaboration that crosses borders and cultures, was premiered during the Urbanscapes Festival 2012 in Kuala Lumpur and at Dia.Lo.Gue, Jakarta in early 2013.

Issues of border, national heritage claims and mistreatment of domestic workers are among the few topics that formed the basis of this performance, that helped lay down the imagery and music element of the show.

“Seronok!” group are four female poet performers — Abby Latif and Illya Sumanto, both from Malaysia, Khairani Barokka from Jakarta and British-Malaysian Elaine Foster — as well as visual artist Fairuz Sulaiman from Malaysia and US musicians Ardi Kuhn and Cory Rogers, who are based in Yogyakarta.

photo credits by :  Sigit Pratama & Pak Hermawan Tanzil

video by : Yovi and Alin

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