Main Wayang

Main Wayang is at present an ongoing project to explore new ways of storytelling using media. Utilising a team of only three members – one visual artist, one sound artist, and one live performer – the performance will be both minimal and experimental, incorporating various performance elements such as physical theatre, shadow theatre, digital visual effects, puppetry, and experimental soundscapes. My team members consist of Ayam Fared as the live performer, and Sudarshan Chandra Kumar as the sound artist. The project will involve collaborative creation, as each of us will contribute ideas to the creative direction of the performance. A short work-in-progress experimenting with the concept of this project was recently presented as part of Pandora Experimental Box 2017, organized by Kwang Tung Dance Company.

Main Wayang aims to incorporate diverse performance mediums as mentioned above, across the traditional-contemporary divide. By using both age-old performance techniques such as shadow theatre and combining it with current digital technologies such as visual effects and even experimental music, the project seeks to bridge the gap between these mediums into creating a fluid, cohesive performance. The project is also intent on exploring further the idea of collaborative creation in conceiving a theatre performance; without employing the use of one singular artistic director or theatre director, the structure of the project team is lateral and thus every creative member will substantially and meaningfully contribute to the artistic concept and direction of the finished product.

text by shafiqa nabeera

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